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Hospitality in Healthcare provides our clients with the most comprehensive recruitment tools, pre-employment screenings and assessments available. This ensures that all potential issues and concerns are uncovered before a final hiring decision is made.

Our services are designed to help you make the most effective hiring decisions for your organization.

Our Recruitment Tools

Talent Insights Assessment

Our assessments include the TTI Success Insights ™ reports, a family of three different comprehensive web-based DISC assessment options. The results of these assessments reveal an individual’s high and low placement in each of the four dimensions that make up their unique natural and adapted behavioral styles. This is depicted by two illustrations, TTI’s Style Insights® Graphs and the Success Insights® Wheel. TTI Success Insights® is available for Management Staff, Executive Level and for Sales. Behavioral knowledge will empower both the manager and employee to take action towards effective communication in the workplace.

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What is DISC?

DISC is the universal language of observable human behavior, or “how we act.” DISC does not measure education, experience, values or intelligence. It simply measures an individual’s behaviors, or how they communicate.

The Application of DISC

With the knowledge of DISC, you can learn to understand and appreciate your behavior style, and then adapt your style in communication with others. In fact, you can change the golden rule. Rather than treating others as you would want to be treated, you can treat others the way they want.

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TriMetrix DNA Assessment

Leveraging the power of three sciences, TriMetrix DNA will help you leverage your human capital potential by understanding how people behave, what drives them and which soft skills they bring to the workplace.Download our TriMetrix DNA brochure

TriMetrix DNA combines behaviors, motivators and competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements. TriMetrix DNA is available in management/staff, executive and sales versions.

What Does TriMetrix DNA Measure?

Behavior. Research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. This report measures the four dimensions of normal behavior: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. TriMetrix DNA tells you how this individual will perform.

Driving Forces. Knowledge of an individual’s driving forces helps tell us why a person behaves a certain way. 12 Driving Forces™ measures the primary driving forces cluster – the top four of an individual’s driving forces – to tell a story of how a person derives meaning from life and work.

Competencies. An individual’s hierarchy of competencies is key to their success, and knowing what they are is essential to reaching their goals. This report is designed to assist in managing and developing a career. For many jobs, personal skills are as important as technical skills in producing superior performance. TriMetrix DNA describes what this individual “has done” in 23 research-based capacities related to the business environment.

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Reference Checks and Employment Verification

Past Performance Is the Best Indicator of a Candidate’s Future Success!

Checking references before making an offer can actually save time, money, effort, and a lot of embarrassment. You will be pleasantly surprised how candid past employers may be in providing useful information. It is important to keep in mind that since all applicants must be treated fairly, you will need to conduct reference checks on all applicants you are considering for the position.

Employment experts estimate that 30 percent of all resumes contain false or exaggerated information. Most often, dates are expanded to cover gaps in employment, which may be covering up something more serious than just unemployment. Education is another area that candidates may exaggerate or falsify. If your position requires a specific educational background, you should also verify the applicant’s education before you make an offer.

Our 360-degree reference checking process includes speaking with prior SUPERVISORS, prior PEERS (i.e., co-workers), and prior SUBORDINATES to obtain a complete picture of your potential new employee. It is surprising how much you can truly learn about an individual by conducting a proper reference check.

Is your potential employee being truthful about their employment history?

Competition for jobs can be fierce and the desire to get ahead is a powerful motivator. Too often, employers are in a hurry to fill a vacancy. They take a resume at face value only to find out their new hire doesn’t actually have the experience or the skills they claimed. Making a bad hire is a very expensive mistake that few companies can afford to make.

Screening with previous employment verification can sometimes uncover small fibs like an applicant who nudges their previous salary up in hopes of getting a better offer. But it can also uncover outright lies by con-artists who claim work experience they never had.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 58% of hiring managers say they have caught lies on applicant’s resumes. High on the list of the most common embellishments are fudging dates of employment and lying about a job title.

Past employment verification can also help uncover or explain gaps on a resume, or reveal an applicant trying to conceal downtime by stretching starting or end dates.

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Background Checks

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

That’s a common saying that’s been around for many generations. In terms of recruitment and pre-employment screening, it means something very unique. When it comes to selecting the best candidates to work for your business, going deeper than just face value should be a routine practice.

Our comprehensive criminal history check includes a felony/misdemeanor search of every jurisdiction of residence for your applicant with the past seven years.  Our driving records report includes any moving violations, suspensions, revocations, or expiration.

Our comprehensive Background Checks include:

  • Criminal Conviction Check. A state and federal search for conviction records in your applicant’s name.
  • Sex Offender Search. Federal and state comprehensive search
  • Social Security Number Verification. Assures the person applying for employment is valid and has not applied under a false number
  • Driving Records. The researching of an applicant’s driving record.

Although several regulations and controversies are attached to background checks, more companies are resorting to scrutinizing potential employees’ backgrounds, realizing that having qualified, honest employees is critical to their success.

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Drug Testing

The simplistic justification for implementing a drug testing program within your organization is that illicit drug use will affect your bottom line and workplace safety. Problems with employee drug abuse can lead to a serious loss of safety standards, which can result in injuries that cost your organization significantly. Even if you manage to avoid a work injury, the loss of productivity associated with drug abuse is enough to cost you.Our electronic Custody and Control Form (CCF) technology eliminates cumbersome paper documents – even for DOT-mandated testing. Affiliations with eScreen/Alere, LabCorp, and Quest provides you over 5,000 collection sites across the country.

Interviewing and Onboarding

Improving Your Interviewing Skills

This video provides quick tips for hiring managers to ensure an effective candidate interview. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates and is part of our search process. Our recruiters are always available as a resource to you.

  • Behavioral Interview Questions  – Asking the right questions will truly uncover how a potential candidate will and perform at work.
  • Pre-Employment Screening – The hospitality industry’s top resources for background checks, assessments, reference checks and much more!
  • Library of Resources – An extensive selection of articles and solutions for your interviewing and hiring challenges.

Successful Onboarding of New Employees

To secure and retain top talent in your organization, review these specific tips for successful candidate on boarding. We are pleased to offer this video to our clients and candidates and is a part of our search process. Our recruiters are always available as a resource to you.

Hiring Process Restructuring

Most companies continue to struggle with the right balance and process for hiring top talent. Through an analysis of your hiring process and methodology, the experts at Hospitality in Healthcare will provide strategic solutions that will enable you to hire faster, better, and help you reduce costly turnover.

  • Are you losing great candidates due to a lengthy and/or antiquated hiring process?
  • How can you streamline your process while maintaining the necessary checks and balances?
  • Does your hiring team really know how to interview and ask the right (and legal) questions to potential candidates?
  • When your interviews conclude, do you have a true understanding of how a potential employee will perform on the job?
  • How can you be more innovative and creative in presenting offers so you stop losing great candidates to your competitors at minimal cost to your company?

Compensation and Benefit Analysis

A well-designed compensation philosophy supports the organization’s strategic plan and initiatives, business goals, competitive outlook, operating objectives, and compensation and total reward strategies.

  • What benchmarks and resources are you using to determine if your wages are competitive in the current market so that you can attract and retain the best talent?
  • Are you offering a bonus package that will drive performance metrics while adding real value to your employees’ overall compensation?
  • Are you offering progressive benefits that make you an employer of choice to your current and future employees?

Remember that in order to remain competitive and continue to grow, most companies need to adjust their salary ranges periodically. Performing a compensation analysis ensures your organization’s pay decisions are in line with both external factors, such as current market trends, as well as internal needs, including your company goals.

Relocation Packages

As your recruiter, we will walk through each step of this with both you and a prospective hire, but this video can be shared with others on the team involved in the hiring process so they also understand the granular details of relocation.


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