Our Competitive Advantage

As part of the 9th Largest Executive Search Firm in the World (Sanford Rose Associates), no other recruiting firm can match our resources, expertise and professionalism!

Why Hospitality in Healthcare is the best recruiting partner for your company

Experience: All members of our recruiting team have held executive-level positions within the healthcare or hospitality industry. We know and understand this business first-hand!

Time: The average time to hiring your new employee through Hospitality in Healthcare is fast; our firm will provide you with 3 to 5 qualified candidates within 14 days

Cost: There are direct and indirect costs associated with conducting a staff-managed search. Hospitality in Healthcare will save you a significant amount of these recruiting costs and the tasks that would take staff away from their regular duties.

Reputation: Our reputation and client references will speak for themselves. We will never cross the lines of confidentiality or trust. We are more than healthcare headhunters; we are your trusted partner.

Consultative: As we are always seeking long-term partnerships with our clients, we will provide you with a wealth of resources during the search process to assure you have set up your new employee for success. These services range from creating job descriptions to the development of performance-based bonus plans.

View our other competitive advantages…

  • Employees: All of our recruiting team members are ALL employees – not Independent Contractors or Franchisees. Our employment structure is designed to always provide you with consistent results.
  • Focus: Unlike many of our competitors, we work exclusively on your search and are will never send the same top-tier candidates to other companies simultaneously. We focus on your specific need and criteria.
  • Objectivity: Partnering with Hospitality in Healthcare to conduct a search assists in bringing a level of objectivity and credibility to the process that encourages the applications of candidates who might not otherwise apply.
  • Selection: We utilize industry-leading assessments and tools to maximize the potential for success of your new employee and assure they are truly qualified to join your team. Comprehensive screening of candidates to ensures the pool of candidates is diverse and qualified.
  • Confidentiality: With Hospitality in Healthcare as your direct representative in the market, you will have anonymity and confidentiality throughout your search.
  • Sourcing:  Our proprietary database houses the resumes of over 490,000 industry professionals throughout the country. Using numerous resources to identify passive candidates not active on job boards represents one of our greatest assets.
  • Negotiations: As a third party, a candidate may freely offer hidden objections to our recruiters that you, as a potential employer, would never hear. We assist with negotiations to minimize surprises that frequently occur at the end of the recruiting process.
  • Resources: We are part of the 9th largest Executive Search Firm in the World – Sanford Rose Associates International – and provide our clients with unmatched resources.
  • Flexible: We offer multiple search options to fit the needs of our clients.
  • Guarantees: In the rare instance that your new employee does not work out, our replacement guarantees will provide you with added security. We offer extended guarantee periods beyond the industry standard.
  • Training: All of our team members go through a comprehensive six-week structured recruiting training program.

For details and pricing information, contact:

Leigh Ann Teubert | Vice President
(913) 333-3192
[email protected]