How Poor Candidate Experiences Derail Your Recruitment Efforts

One of the most often-overlooked aspects of a recruitment process is what the interview experience is like for the candidates. Are they made to wait weeks for the next interview step? Are they given accurate information about the opportunity? Did they receive adequate feedback after the interviews? The recruitment process doesn’t happen in a vacuum, meaning that the consequences of a poor candidate experience can ripple through your company’s talent acquisition strategy. Here is what can happen when a company forgets to account for the candidate’s interview experience:

Ghosting Will Plague Hiring Managers

Ghosting is already an issue for hiring managers, even for the most desirable employers. And when a candidate feels like their time is being wasted, they are even more likely to move on without a word. Make sure your interviewing managers have sufficient background information on the candidate before the first interview, so they do not have to repeat all the information in their application. Also, let candidates know what to expect from the hiring process, so they feel like they are in the loop.

The Company’s Employer Reputation Can Take a Hit

Candidates have more leverage than usual in the hospitality hiring market. They won’t bother subjecting themselves to a poor interview experience and will actively seek information about a company. Sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn make it so easy for professionals to share and learn about what it’s like to interview with a company. Respond to any negative online comments and use them as learning opportunities to improve your application and interview processes.

You Risk Burning Bridges

If a candidate wasn’t qualified, what good does it do an employer to spend time and energy giving them feedback? Surely, they’ll take the hint and move on, right? Not necessarily. Just because a candidate isn’t right for that specific role today, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a great fit for something else down the road. A positive experience will make them more likely to interview with your company again, meaning that sourcing for your next open position could be as simple as one phone call. Keep communication timely, provide honest and productive feedback, and keep past applications organized.

It Can Fuel Turnover

Yes, interview processes have a direct impact on your hospitality company’s turnover. Poor communication during interview processes can lead to a candidate not fully understanding the expectations of the job. Once a candidate realizes their new position is not what they signed up for, they will quickly look elsewhere, leaving you to start the recruitment process over again. Be completely transparent with all aspects of the open position and communicate this early in the interview process to avoid candidate drop-off.

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