Write a Healthcare Job Ad That Actually Works

You’ve plastered your job opening all over the internet. Maybe you even invested in paid advertising. Yet nobody is applying. Why?

Many healthcare employers don’t realize that the job ad itself could be turning candidates off. Here are 5 things that every job advertisement needs to convince candidates to click ‘apply’:

Compensation Details

Many employers are hesitant to put a pay range on their job posts. Maybe they are unsure of their budget, they don’t want to turn off candidates, or they don’t want to rock the boat with current employees. Whatever the reason, not including compensation is a mistake. A lack of transparency about money can be a red flag for candidates. Because who wants to waste time applying for a job that might be a step back in pay?

If you do not want to be cornered into a specific salary, consider including a wide pay range. Also, include any other benefits and perks like PTO and relocation assistance. This way, candidates have an idea of what to expect during true salary negotiations later.


…But not too many specifics. Your job ad should give candidates a general idea of the scope of work but avoid the pitfall of spelling out minute daily duties. This can quickly turn a job advertisement into a full job description that reads like a boring internal HR document. Stick to four or five core responsibilities and requirements but leave the nitty-gritty details for the next steps in the interview process.

What’s In It for Them

The biggest mistake is making a job ad all about the position and offering nothing for the candidate. Your job post should clearly answer the candidate’s question “What’s in it for me?”. Do you offer great benefits? Is there room for growth? Is there a great company culture? Think about what your company can offer its employees and feature that in the very first sentence.

Visual Appeal

Many candidates are scrolling through job boards, and even applying, directly on their smartphones. Break up long paragraphs and add bullet points when possible to make it easier to read. Keep it short and eliminate any extra fluff.

Partner with Healthcare Recruiting Experts

Knowing what will attract candidates is difficult and can feel like a moving target. Partner with experienced recruiters to zero in on how to make your opportunity appealing to candidates. The Healthcare Recruiters at Hospitality in Healthcare can work with you to build a strategy to get quality talent in your door. Contact us today to get started.


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