How Healthcare Companies Can Beat the Newest Pandemic: Job Ghosting

Staying fully staffed has always been a tough job for many healthcare facilities. Right now, the industry is feeling the strain even more. Candidates have the upper hand in the job market. If a candidate does not feel valued by the company in the interview process, they will quickly take their talents elsewhere. And if there is little communication from potential employers, it is all too easy for candidates to give them the silent treatment, even after accepting an offer.

Here are some ways that hiring facilities can avoid being ghosted by candidates:

  • Keep it Personal
  • Set Expectations
  • Don’t Ignore Red Flags
  • Polish Your Employer Brand
  • Keep Communication Flowing

Keep It Personal

While convenient and efficient, virtual application platforms can create an impersonal experience for candidates. This detachment from the process is a large reason why ghosting is on the rise. At the outset, foster engagement by getting them excited for the interviews and the company. Let them know ahead of time who they will interview with. Make sure each interviewer is prepared for interviews so that the candidate does not feel like they are wasting time repeating the same conversation with each interviewer.

Set Expectations

Create a clear picture of the entire interview process and what it will entail. Set a timeline for each step and do not drag it out. Keeping a candidate in the dark will only make it more tempting to explore other opportunities and vanish without a word.

Don’t Ignore Red Flags

When you are desperate to hire someone, it can be easy to hear what you want and brush off red flags. Be sure to ask questions that reveal anything that would stop them from accepting an offer. Are they interviewing somewhere else? How does this opportunity line up with their career path? Do they have a history of poor tenure? Is their family excited about a new opportunity for them? Address these issues early to reduce the chances of a candidate responding to an offer with silence.

Polish Your Employer Brand

If you did a quick Google search on your own company, what is the first thing you would see? Is it a low rating on a customer or employee review site? Employers are not the only ones keeping an eye out for red flags. Candidates are doing their homework too. Address any bad reviews on sites like Yelp and Glassdoor. Clean up your website and add an engaging “careers” section. Showcase your employee culture on your company’s social media pages. Do not leave any room for doubt in candidate’s minds that you are a great place to work.

Keep Communication Flowing

The rise in candidates ghosting employers is a fairly recent trend. It has traditionally been employers who have had bad reputations for ghosting candidates. If your company struggles to keep applicants active in the interview process, you may want to take an honest look at your own communication. Do you give feedback to applicants, even if they did not do well? Do you frequently reschedule or cancel interviews last minute? Be sure your company makes the candidates feel that their time and talents are valued. Give feedback (good and bad) and follow through on timelines. Keep the communication going even after an offer is accepted. Let them know how excited you are for them to start.

Partner with Recruiting Experts

It can be tough to find the time to properly structure an interview process that keeps job seekers interested. Partnering with an experienced healthcare recruiter shows candidates your company is serious about hiring. The recruiters at Hospitality in Healthcare can put in the legwork to keep your candidates engaged and excited about your opportunity. Contact us today to find out how.


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