How to Make Your Senior Living Community Active Adult-Friendly

Those in the 55+ and over demographic are in their golden years. They have more free time and still have the energy to travel, exercise, and go out frequently. And they also are probably not ready to move anywhere that feels like senior living. But the hot housing market is prompting many to downsize their homes earlier than anticipated. How can Senior Living Communities attract a group that might not be ready for the traditional senior living lifestyle?

Integrate Technology

This generation is comfortable with operating many of the newest technologies. After all, this is the generation that helped create the technology that we use today. Be sure that living quarters have strong and reliable WiFi, as well as in any communal spaces. Management should also take a look at their operations. This group wants the option to pay bills, rent facilities, and access accounts online. These residents are not overly concerned with their health at this point in their lives. But embracing telehealth could encourage them to consider staying with a community as they continue to age.

A la Carte Living

Most people in the 55+ age group are fully capable of taking care of themselves, their homes, and still enjoy cooking and entertaining. Be careful not to insult them by bundling services into their bill that they do not need, like housekeeping, landscaping, or dining services. Offer these services a la carte, so residents can take advantage of them as needed.

Make Housing Feel Like Home

Active adults want a home that feels like their own. Single-family cottages provide the ability to landscape, entertain guests, and have a neighborhood feel. They also most likely have chosen to remain or move closer to family and grandkids. Make the community kid-friendly with plenty of walking trails and playgrounds.

Create a Lifestyle

On the other hand, some residents would prefer to feel like they are permanently on vacation. Give residents access to resort-level amenities like pools, gyms, and spas. Many are also happy to venture out and experience the local life. Partner with local golf courses, tennis clubs, or art centers to offer access to facilities and memberships.

Keep a Hospitality Mindset

To attract a demographic ready to relax and enjoy life, make sure you have leaders who understand hospitality. Specialized senior living recruiters can find experienced professionals to transform your community. Contact us to learn how.


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