Glassdoor Reviews Impact a Company’s Ability to Hire Top Performers


You probably keep up with online feedback of your restaurant or hotel on common review sites to see how your service rates, but have you checked how you’re doing on Glassdoor? You provide the exceptional service you do because of the quality of people you hire. Are you sure your Glassdoor rankings aren’t impeding that process?

What can you do to improve your status and continue hiring the best possible hospitality employees?

Focus on Engagement

Don’t underestimate the importance of fostering engagement among your employees. When workers feel they understand their company’s mission and objectives, they are more likely to have positive feelings toward your organization and give you positive reviews. Employers who disregard engagement and the experience they provide to employees will regret it. According to Glassdoor data, fewer than half of employees would recommend their employer to a friend.

Amplify your Brand

Many companies that are the highest rated on Glassdoor are those with the strongest brands. Why is this a factor? Strong brands attract people who identify with that brand. That enables companies to hire people who are the right fit and more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. A Glassdoor survey indicated that 69 percent of job seekers are more likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its brand.

What is one way to actively manage your brand? While companies can’t mandate or demand their employees leave reviews, they can encourage their employees to post about the company. Why would an employee want to do that? If the company’s brand comes across as exciting and attractive to top employees, then better talent will want to work with the company and that becomes a positive outcome for everyone.

Take Reviews Seriously

Don’t underestimate the importance of online review sites like Glassdoor. Glassdoor reports that 61 percent of their users read company reviews and ratings before deciding to apply for a job. While that number may be skewed (they are surveying Glassdoor users!), in a tight talent market, job seekers are increasingly turning to online research to determine if a company is the right one for them.

Be Responsive and Transparent

Job seekers appreciate it when employers are forthcoming about their company and specific opportunities posted. A recent survey indicated that 62 percent of Glassdoor users see an employer more positively if they respond to reviews. What else do candidates wish to see?

Candidates seek online information on the following top five:

  1. Salary/compensation
  2. Benefits
  3. Basic company information
  4. What makes it an attractive place to work
  5. Company mission, vision, values

Work With a Leader in Hospitality Recruitment

You want to hire the best, but if your company’s online profile negative, it could be difficult to attract and retain top performers. Horizon Hospitality can offer tips on protecting your reputation and help you identify and attract top restaurant and hotel talent. Contact our team of hospitality executive recruiters today!



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