Hiring the Resume and Not the Person Could Increase Your Long-Term Costs

Most hiring managers have made a few hiring mistakes caused by hiring someone who looked good on paper. But really, what else do you have to go on when you’re ready to hire? Hiring the wrong person because you relied too heavily on their resume can be an expensive mistake. Here are some tips to avoid falling into that trap again.

Isolate the Resume

Use resumes only to determine who to interview. Once you have made that decision, set them aside after noting any specific questions you’d like to ask. Then structure the interview to determine fit and suitability for the position.

Interview On-Site

If you have more than one property, interview the candidate where they are likely to be placed. If you are looking to fill a restaurant position, consider conducting the interview over a meal so you can see how they treat your staff.

Look for Practical Skills

Present realistic hypotheticals that could arise in the job they are interviewing for. Assess their ability to think on their feet. The hospitality industry is loaded with the unpredictable, and it’s essential for managers to be able to roll with whatever each day brings them.

Rely on Referrals

One of your best sources of new employees is current employees. Ask your staff if they know anyone who would make a great addition to the team. It’s in their best interest to bring on people who are hard workers and will fit in with the rest of the staff

Work an Experienced Hospitality Recruiter

Your recruiter is your first line of defense against hiring mistakes. Screening, interviewing and hiring are what they do all day every day. They can read between the lines in a resume to look past buzzwords and format to identify diamonds in the rough. If you need help finding and attracting the best people, contact Horizon Hospitality. Our hotel executive search specialists are here to help. Trust our hospitality recruitment experts for the high-level talent you and your guests deserve.




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