What Makes Customers NOT Return?


Every smart hospitality professional knows that repeat customers are the best customers. Do you feel like the return rate at your restaurant or hotel is below average among your competitors? It’s critical that you examine the customer experience to ensure you are treating customers the way you would wish to be treated to keep them coming back. Here are a few factors you may want to consider:

Sub-par cleanliness.

Even if you employ professional cleaners, the cleanliness of the environment is something you need to pay attention to because your customers surely will. Spot-check silverware to ensure your equipment is getting things thoroughly clean. Assign someone to perform a morning walk through every day to make sure there are no cobwebs in the corner, burned out light bulbs or screws that need tightening. It’s important you look through your customers’ eyes. Sit in a few different seats, even lie on the bed.

Lack of attention to detail.

Think about your recent restaurant or hotel visits. Have you gotten the wrong drink? Asked for extra pillows or towels you didn’t receive? Chances are it may have spoiled the entire experience. Even if you were able to keep things in perspective, you were probably hypervigilant for the rest of your meal or stay. It’s only natural to think if there was one error, there could be more. Lack of attention to detail in one area leads customers to expect there will be a general lack of attention to detail.

Poor customer experience.

If you are like most restaurant customers, you want to be greeted and offered a beverage promptly at the beginning of your meal and don’t want to sit waiting for your check at the end. As a hotel customer, you probably arrive exhausted and expect your room to be clean and ready upon your arrival. When you are hiring, be sure you look for people who understand the importance of the customer experience and are committed to helping you make a great impression.

Rude employees.

Have you ever felt like you ruined a hotel or restaurant employee’s day simply by showing up? Customers should always be the top priority. Consider a mystery shop to ensure your employees make guests feel truly welcome, not like they are interrupting their personal conversations.

Customer service.

Are you transparent in how you deal with customer issues? Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s important to actively listen to what unhappy clients have to say and come up with a plan to address any issues. If a customer has a bad experience, acknowledge the problem, promise to resolve and tell them how you intend to do so.

A Quality Experience Begins With Quality People

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