Where Do You Go (in Your Career Search) When You Don’t Know Where to Go?


As a hospitality professional, you know there are many opportunities in the industry. Getting a little expert advice can help you make smarter career decisions – whether you’re looking for your first management position, changing industries, juggling offers or hoping to relocate to a highly desirable location.

You may have questions like:

  • Which opportunity is the right one for you?
  • Is it smart to relocate for a job?
  • What education do you need to advance your career?
  • How can you make a career change to the hospitality industry?

Learn the answers to all these questions and more by working with a career coach who specializes in the hospitality industry.

Work With the Experts

A career coach works with hundreds of job-seeking hospitality professionals and understands the unique challenges they may face. In addition, they can provide valuable insight and candid feedback.

Resume and Interview Advice

Need another set of eyes on your resume to make it more professional and attention-grabbing, or hoping to make a more polished interview presence? A career coach has the experience and insight into what it takes to conduct a successful search and draft a winning career strategy.

Career-Switching Strategies

Thinking about switching careers? A career coach can help you repackage the experience and education you acquired outside the industry to make you more attractive to restaurant recruiters and hotel recruiters.

Landing Offers

Getting interviews, but not offers? The career coaching team at Horizon Hospitality can help you figure out why. Our coaches are completely objective, so they can cut right to the heart of why you’re not getting hired.

Mapping Out a Lifelong Career

Not sure what steps you need to take to create the career of your dreams? If you don’t know what your options are or are stymied by long-range thinking, our experts can help you map out a plan that will take you from your next role to retirement.

Work With a Top Hospitality Recruiter

To learn more about your options, visit our job board for current openings or see the full range of our career coaching services. To learn more about restaurant recruitment or hotel recruitment, contact the experts at Horizon Hospitality today.



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