Repeat Customers Want Hospitality, Not Service

You may pride yourself on providing high-quality service, but let’s be honest, in a service industry, that just means you’re doing your job. If you want to win and retain customers you have to deliver more. Repeat customers, in particular, want to feel that they are valued – that they are more than just another booked room to you.

How can you go beyond what is expected of you to deliver top notch hospitality?

Be truly exceptional.

To a certain extent, hotels are a commodity – at least to guests. Most unhappy guests won’t even bother to give you a bad review, they’ll just book elsewhere next time they’re in town. Do you offer clean comfortable rooms at competitive rates? So what? There are probably four, five or more hotels in your immediate area that offer the same. When a guest walks into the lobby or opens the hotel room door, are they provided a “WOW” experience that makes them feel special? It’s vital that you set yourself apart.

Make guests feel special.

Frequent travels want their accommodations to feel like a home away from home, but with an upgrade. One of the problems with travel is that you have less control than at home, which can be disorienting. Guests can’t always do for themselves as they could at home. They may not be able to fix their usual evening snack like they would at home, or tighten a loose screw on a lamp. That’s frustrating. And it’s why it’s so essential that you respond to their requests promptly.

Keep thorough records.

If Mr. Jones requests an extra pillow or towels on his visit, don’t just provide them. Keep track. That way, next time he’s in town you can have those extras already in place for him. Don’t just place them there without remarking. When he checks in, say, “Mr. Jones, we know you like extra towels, so you’ll find them waiting for you in your room.” He’ll be delighted and it will affirm that he made the right choice to reaffirm.

How can you find the right employees?

You may be committed to providing the highest level of hospitality to your guests, but you can’t be their 24/7. That’s why it’s critical to hire people who are willing and able to execute on your vision of guest experience. Every interaction your staff has with your guests presents a perfect opportunity to make an impression. If your guests realize your staff cares about them, that will go along way into securing their business when they have to make a future choice.

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