Thinking about Career Relocation? Here’s What You Must Consider

Relocating for your career and be exciting and often lucrative. But what factors must you consider before making the move?  It’s rare to be offered a relocation package in this industry unless you are very high up the corporate ladder. Assuming that the venture will be on your dime, here are some things to think about.

Is there plenty of work there?

If you lose the job you relocate for, can you find another one quickly or will you need to relocate again to maintain employment? If you relocate with a spouse or partner, are there jobs available in their field? These are important factors to investigate before committing to moving to another location.

How is the cost of living?

Can you maintain or improve your lifestyle by relocating? That big city or resort gig may be appealing, but not if you have to live paycheck to paycheck or squeeze into an unappealing home. Investigate housing costs, transportation options, tax rates and pay ranges to make an informed decision.

Can you negotiate severance or a relocation package?

Packing up your life (and your family’s life) and moving them across the country has a huge effect on your family. That relocation also takes a lot of financial resources. Are you able to negotiate a severance package with your current employer? Could you get a severance package negotiated when you were hired originally? With your new employer, are they offering a relocation package to help with your move? Will they provide housing (or an allowance) until you find a permanent residence? Will they offer trips to the new area to find housing before your family moves to a new location? If you are the best candidate and they want to bring you on board, then a relocation package is fair to both sides.

Will it advance your career?

It may be important to relocate to move your career forward. The hospitality industry is constantly growing and changing. To move up the career ladder, it helps to demonstrate a willingness to adapt quickly to change and travel to where your skills are required.

Can you see yourself living there?

If you love to ski, moving to a tropical location is not the best idea, nor is taking a post is a quaint country inn if you love the nightlife on your days off. Consider the lifestyle offered in any potential location and how it fits into your personal preferences. Check out whatever is important to you whether that means top-notch schools or a vibrant local music scene. Be brutally honest with yourself about what your deal breakers are.

How can a hospitality recruiter help?

A hotel or restaurant recruitment specialist will be able to help you understand the variables in your target markets. Choose a recruiter who focuses exclusively on restaurant and hotel executive search to ensure that they understand the unique nature of the industry. For more advice on advancing your career, contact Horizon Hospitality. Our hotel recruiters and restaurant recruiters can help you make smart career decisions and connect with top employers nationwide.



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