How Are Restaurants Embracing the Craft Beer Boom?

The craft beer trend shows no signs of slowing down. For restaurants, this can represent a boom or a bust – depending on whether you find a way to incorporate it into your business model, or ignore it, thinking it’s a passing fad.

Why should you embrace the craft beer boom?

Simply put larger checks. Craft beers are expensive, which automatically ups your check total. Also craft beer drinkers tend to be are comfortable with spending disposable income on premium products and services. They will also often look to add food to their tab whether they are stopping bar for an after-work happy hour or late at night.

How can you capitalize on this trend to grow your business?

Offer beer-friendly meals and snacks. To keep the beer flowing and to soak up some of the alcohol, add items to your menu that are compatible with strongly flavored beers. Shareable items and finger foods will be most popular.

Cater to locavores. Craft beer lovers are often the very same diners who enjoy restaurants that offer locally grown produce. Devote a portion of your beverage list to locally brewed beers to attract these customers and pair the beers with local food items.

Offer tastings. Embracing the craft beer trend is about more than just adding a few taps. Add events that will draw crowds like free in-house tastings or offering flights of various beers for patrons to choose from. You can even bring in brewers who can discuss their offerings.

Attract millennials. The largest segment of craft beer drinkers is millennial buyers. Focus your marketing on bringing younger patrons into your restaurant. This can help you increase revenues and boost your word-of-mouth popularity.

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