Pros and Cons of Using Video Interviews

When you’re looking for the best people in a tight talent market, you will need to cast a wider net. One option is to interview candidates located outside your area.  The cost of bringing candidates to your location for an interview may be prohibitive for all but the highest-level positions or for anything except the final interview. That’s where video interviews often come into play.  But that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few to consider.


  • You can read their body language. Video interviews allow you to get a better sense of the candidate than phone screenings.
  • It’s a time-saver for both you and the candidate by avoiding travel time and interruptions to your schedule.
  • It prevents employed candidates from missing work to travel for interviews.
  • It can be used anytime, anywhere, even with international candidates – without international calling rates.
  • You can place a group call so that several interviewers can participate at once – no matter where they are located.
  • You can share documents with the interviewee or a group with through a screen sharing option like Skype has.


  • Software glitches or connectivity problems can be frustrating. There is no telling what the quality of the candidate’s internet connection may be.
  • Delays can occur in transmission across the internet, causing you and the candidate to talk over each other.
  • Candidates can be uncomfortable on video and may not present themselves as well as they might in person.
  • It may be difficult for the candidate to find a suitable space to set up if they have roommates or children. If their background is busy or lighting is bad, you may not get the best impression.
  • Liability issues can arise if protected traits are visible. Of course, this would come up in an in-person interview, but it’s better to avoid the appearance of eliminating someone early in the process due to age, ethnicity or other factors.

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