Focus on Talent and It Will Lead to a More Diverse Staff

Building a diverse staff is a frequent goal of leaders in the hospitality business. But how can you reach out to a broad range of people without sacrificing the high standards you have for your staff?

It may not be as challenging as you think to attract highly qualified diverse talent to your hotel or restaurant. It may be as simple as keeping an open mind. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you are limiting yourself by adding diversity to your team.

Lack of diversity most often becomes an issue when hiring teams begin the recruitment process with a pre-conceived notion of who makes a suitable candidate. How can you ensure you attract a wide range of talent to your organization?

Watch your language

Industry jargon is often taken for granted, but the terms and tone you choose can attract some candidates while repelling others. Use inclusive language that appeals to candidates of all genders and ethnicities to broaden the talent pool you draw from.

Beware of hidden prejudices

Without being aware of it, you may picture a specific type of candidate when you post a job. Try to consider different types of people in the roles you must fill. What could someone from another country bring to the position? How about an older worker? You may be surprised by the range of people who will meet your requirements.

Hire for potential

People of diverse backgrounds may not have the exact experience and skill set that you expect, but that does not mean that they don’t have a great deal to bring to your organization. Consider what it would take to excel in your organization, and look for those qualities when interviewing.

Don’t over think it

Companies that have trouble with diversity are those that don’t focus on talent first. With a firm understanding of the talent and abilities your business requires, and by casting a wide net, you can find the diversity that will help you to grow and succeed.

Get some help

A specialized recruiter can ensure that your recruiting process is blind, and bring you the widest possible range of talent. When you work with Horizon Hospitality, every candidate will have the talent you expect and more. Contact us today. We can connect you with a diverse range of experienced, talented people looking for hospitality careers.

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