Delegate Tasks to Your Staff the Right Way

Often, you rise to the ranks of manager because you excel at getting things done. But you’ll soon find that you can’t possibly do it all yourself, no matter how hard you try. That’s when you must learn to delegate – no matter how hard it is to give up that bit of control. Here are a few ideas to intelligently share responsibility with your staff in a way that benefits both your business and their careers.

Analyze Skills

Evaluate your employees to determine their strengths and delegate accordingly. An employee with an eye for detail can be tasked with ensuring decor is clean and fresh. Trust a reliable worker with cash or keys.

Set Expectations

Tell your people what results you expect and give them the freedom to find their own way to achieve them. Avoid managing their process or risk micromanagement. Set clear expectations, provide regular feedback and allow them to operate independently.

Delegate Responsibility, Not Just Tasks

Give each employee an area of responsibility. Assigning tasks is not delegating, it’s giving orders. People perform better when given ownership and autonomy.

Provide Training

Training is an essential part of your delegation strategy. Don’t just push off grunt work. Give employees tasks that help them to grow and develop, and offer training that will enable them to do it well. Taking the time to train someone now will pay off in the long run when you are able to get more done and have developed a stronger employee.

Solicit Feedback

Encourage people to let you know how they are doing. They shouldn’t be afraid to come to you when they are having trouble with their responsibilities. Delegating doesn’t mean washing your hands entirely of the project or task. Be receptive to feedback so that you can fix little problems before they become big ones.

Delegation doesn’t have to stop with your employees. By partnering with an experienced recruiter, you can delegate some of your toughest hiring challenges. The hotel and restaurant recruiting experts at Horizon Hospitality can help you find better people faster. Contact us today and we will work together to find and attract the most highly qualified talent.

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