Recognizing and Rewarding Staff

From housekeeping to the front desk, it’s important to recognize contributions at every level.  Here are some tips on how to recognize your team.

Start by asking your team what would make them feel appreciated and motivated. You might be surprised. Some employees would enjoy an off-site team builder; others may ee it as one more thing that cuts into family time. Keep an open mind and try some of these popular ideas.

Freebies. Offer water, fruit, coffee or soft drinks throughout the day. It costs you little, but keeps your people refreshed and energized.

Discounts. Give your employees substantial discounts for goods and services your establishment provides. Include their family members. They can be your biggest boosters.

Attention. Public praise can go a long way.  Most employees enjoy being singled out, so whether it’s complimenting them in a meeting or adding them to an employee of the month plaque, be open with your appreciation.

Gift cards. If you are reluctant to give cash awards, gift cards for coffee shops, book or sporting stores can offer a treat for any hardworking employee. Poll your team for favorite stores.

Comp time. Sometimes the best thing you can offer an employee is a little break. Long hours can be easier to take if you know you have a day or a few hours to relax coming up.

Peer recognition. Institute a program where employees recognize each other’s achievements. Many companies find this a great way to recognize leadership and hard work that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Have contests. A little friendly competition often encourages people to do their best. Make sure that no one person or department will have an edge going in. Put up a leader board or scorecard in an employee only area and give away larger prizes like cash bonuses or coveted event tickets.

But the best way to reward and recognize your staff it so to give them clear expectations and help them to develop. Provide clear metrics for them to strive. Identify and nurture their talents. On-the-job rewards are great, but the opportunity to grow and advance your career is even better.

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