Rallying the Troops

Keeping a restaurant running requires a lot of different skill sets – and a lot of different personalities. But it’s critical that all these different types of people learn to work in concert.  From the manager in the front of the house to the executive chef in back and the bussers who run in between, these tips will help you get your team aligned and working towards a common goal.

Hire for Attitude
What kind of establishment do you run? Do you want to give customers a refined, high-end experience? A couple hours of casual fun?  Recruit employees who fit your brand and easily mesh with the existing team.  Choose interview questions that highlight the prospective employee’s ability to work as a part of a team.

Use Meetings Wisely
Keep people apprised of company goals, plans for expansion and any changes they should expect. Share everything they need to know to feel more connected to the organization and understand what’s at stake. Ask for any ideas or input they may have and implement it where you can.

Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Bickering Among the Staff
Prevent conflicts by ensuring that each employee understands the importance of every role in the in the restaurant. Train managers to foster an environment that encourages teamwork.

Treat each meal service like the big game
Gather the team for a quick huddle to discuss goals you want to reach (tips, number of diners, check averages), challenges you expect, specials you want to sell.

Keep customers happy
Customer satisfaction is the most important goal to focus on. It can be a source of pride for employees to make sure that each individual has a great experience. Give your employees the autonomy to resolve customer issues as they arise. It will give them a greater sense of ownership.

Model the Behavior You Want to See
Treat every person in your business with respect. If you want everyone to work together, they all need to feel valued as individuals. Look for employees who display a positive attitude and develop them for management positions.

Say Thank You
Say it often and say in sincerely. Your employees need to know that you appreciate everything that they do, no matter how small.

Looking for candidates who will fit in with your team and offer your customers a great experience?  Contact the talent acquisition experts at Horizon Hospitality. We can help you to attract, screen and source great people.


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